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Stories from the Voice

An Open Letter to the Ones Who Need It

By Phoenix Wells This is an open letter to anyone who'll read it. Anyone who needs it. Anyone who thinks they're watching their world crash down around them. Trust me sweetheart, I've seen my world end enough times to know it's not really the end, but just the beginning of whatever you want it to…
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Explain to me

By Ashley Baxter I am a person like everyone else — I have a voice. Why should I be looked at differently or treated differently because I live in a group home? Am I not human? Do I not have emotions like everyone else? Listen to me like you would others. I am not alien. I…
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Ammy’s story

A young voice of resilience and a judge who listened by Ammy Purcell When I was around 13 years old, I was taken from my home and placed into the foster care system. Scary, right? Moving in with people you don’t know is terrifying alone. But the scariest part for me was not knowing what…
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When you lose someone to suicide

By Kimber Wesley When you lose someone to suicide it’s a wake up call. You realize that people aren’t here forever and you shouldn’t take someone’s presence for granted. You realize that it’s important to tell people how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them. You never know when your last…
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What Do I Fear Most  

By Phoenix I fear not being able to protect the people I love. I fear growing up; because everyone makes it seem like nothing will ever be beautiful again. I fear the world I'm growing up in; that eventually I'll be surrounded by "happy" pill-popping zombies and cold, gray steel and concrete. I fear the…
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